Meeting #2339 @ Bartley Tavern with 3 Zoom attendees (Pres Jean, PP Ken & Robin)
Rotary Club of Philadelphia, D7450, Pennsylvania USA.  Chartered 1911, 49 members who meet Thursdays at 6 pm at The Pyramid Club of Philadelphia.  President – Rosian Anchondo.
Secretary (Lyn - apology)
  • No report
Treasurer: (Len)
  • June’s RCWL financial statement given.
  • RCWL’s ‘books’ are currently with the auditor.
  • 66% of members have paid subs.
  • Xmas in July – numbers proposing to attend have fallen significantly for a variety of reasons.
  • Subscription for Club Runner has been paid.
Community: (Ros - apology)
  • Ian Miller replaces Miriam as RCWL’s MoW driver for 18 July.
  • Need volunteers for Carousel on Saturday.
International & Foundation (Ken)
  • Foundation Committee meeting.
  • International involved with D.I.K, Donation to Ukraine, RAWCS.
Fundraising: (Jean)  
  • Fundraising will now be part of the Community Committee.
  • 2nd August – Regionals Presentations – Rosie to provide more feedback
  • Rotary Leadership Training – 2-day event 13/14 August
  • District Conference May 27, 2023, in Melbourne
  • Defibrillator project coming up – more information to follow.
  • Jean is the 47th President of RCWL.
  • Reminder about Xmas in July is at the Gepps Cross Hotel next week.
  • In Neil’s absence, Jean listed upcoming events and guest speakers.
GUEST SPEAKER: Alison Howlett
English-born Alison arrived in Australia with her family as “10 pound Poms”.   Attended  schooling in Adelaide.  Was a Rotary Exchange Student to Idaho in the USA.  It was a ‘life changing experience’ and gave her the ‘travel bug’.  Has returned to the USA 27 times.  Moved to Brisbane in 2001 with her employment in the technical area. Returning to Adelaide at the end of 2021.  Involved in telephone exchanges, she has been a construction manager, product manager.  She has been in Rotary four years after eleven in ROTARACT.  Alison said ‘Rotary is a big part of her life”.
                                              Scribe Ted