Port Adelaide Kitchen Roster
(Member to confirm attendance by 9.00 am on the day of their roster by calling 08 8447 5171)
 Meals on Wheels Roster  2024MondaysRound 4
  99 Baynes Place, cnr Langham Place, adj Rail Station Glen
Please phone 8447 5171 by 9-00am on the day to confirm attendance  
Contact Katrina        0419 284 525katrina@mealsonwheelssa.org.au  
Otherwise use cab and charge to West Lakes Rotary Club Inc   
  PO Box 7287    
  WEST LAKES 5021    
2024 ROSTER    
MARCH4Yvonne Wilson    
 18Ken Parcell    
APRIL1Public Holiday    
 15Andrew De Garis    
 29Ros De Garis    
MAY13Len Loechel    
 27Ted Manka    
June10Public Holiday    
 24Stephen Hay    
JULY8Yvonne Wilson    
 22Andrew De Garis    
AUGUST5Ken Parcell    
 19Ros De Garis    
SEPT2Len Loechel    
 16Ted Manka    
 30Stephen Hay    
OCTOBER14Andrew De Garis    
 28Ros De Garis    
NOVEMBER11Ken Parcell    
 25Ted Manka    
DECEMBER9Len Loechel    
 23Yvonne Wilson    
RESERVES Ted Manka0414 978 454   
  Len Loechel0423 981 474   
  Andrew De Garis0408 803 421