Bee N Bee Hotels
Bee N Bee Hotels
 Air Bee 'n Bee Project

Alison Howlett led our environmental initiative: handmade Bee Hotels, known as “Air Bee 'n Bees.” This project offered a fantastic DIY opportunity for club members to support pollinating bees in our gardens.

Members of the Rotary Club of West Lakes gathered to build these Bee Hotels at the home of past presidents Ros and Andrew. The event was a great mix of teamwork, crafting and camaraderie, culminating in a fun BBQ lunch.

Bee Hotels provide essential shelter for solitary bees, which, unlike honeybees, nest in tunnels or hollow stems. These bees are vital pollinators for many plants but face threats from habitat loss, pesticides, and parasites. By building Bee Hotels, we can attract and encourage different types of bees to thrive in our gardens.

Here’s a bit more about solitary bees: there are over 1500 species of native bees in Australia, each playing a crucial role in pollinating plants. Bee Hotels can attract these bees, each with unique nesting preferences and behaviors. To further entice native bees, provide food and water in your garden.

Positioning Your Bee Hotel

To ensure the best environment for your Bee Hotel, place it facing between the north and east, in a sunny to semi-shaded spot, about 1 to 2 meters off the ground. Avoid locations where it might get too hot in the summer. Don’t forget to supply plenty of food and water for the bees.

Interested in joining this project? If you’re not yet a club member, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us via our homepage for more information.

Bee N Bee Hotels